Having A Ball: Baume & Mercier Pendant Watch

I got this pretty package in the mail Tuesday. It’s a Baume & Mercier enamel pendant watch from the 1940s. I won it on eBay. I paid too much for it (though it was part of a lot), especially considering that I did not know if it would work or not. But it does and it’s so dainty and pretty like a jewel that keeps time. I had been looking for a ball watch of this era, especially one with a see-through back so I could watch the movement ticking away.

Baume & Mercier was founded in 1918, when watchmaker William Baume merged with jeweller Paul Mercier. The brand has had its ups and downs, especially in the 1970s — the bleakest era of Swiss Horology — when the company bet the farm on quartz, eventually ceasing production of mechanical watches in the 1980s.

Eventually Piaget bought out Baume & Mercier, then Cartier bought Piaget and Richemont bought Cartier. While considered a luxury brand, Baume & Mercier has never won the respect of the WIS. They consider it a jewelry store brand. But I likes my little bauble.