Midweek Modness: Askel Holmsen Enamel Earrings

Fall reminds me of leaves which reminds me of this pair of green enamel clip on earrings by Askel Holmsen was my first Scandinavian designer find. Actually that’s not true. I found a pair of N.E. From cufflinks at the old Goodwill out on Coxwell about six years ago, but I didn’t know what I had at the time.

One reason for the popularity of what was generally known as the “Danish Modern” look was a touring exhibition called “Design in Scandinavia” which travelled across North America from 1954 through 1958. Suddenly, silversmiths like Holmsen — who had opened his shop in 1932 in Sandefjord, Norway — became in demand. He was especially well known for his enamel work.

An aside: The sudden hipness of all things Nordic created a copycat industry of American-based companies such as Danecraft and Viking Craft.