Canadiana: M’Sieur Léon Wool Cloche

M'Sieu Léon Wool Cloche Hat

Here’s me sporting a vintage floppy wool cloche that I found at the Value Village when I was supposed to be picking up costumes for a show we were doing last week. If I didn’t have such a loaf of bread head, hats would suit me much better.

Anyway, Its label says it’s by M’Sieur Léon of Montréal Canada. I don’t know who M. Léon was, but I know it was designed for the Canadian Hat Manufacturing Company, a concern that is still in business today.And that is as far as my research got me. I found images of hats which seem to illustrate a timeline of millenary styles dating from the early 1960s to the mid ’70s. But no clues as to the identity of the M’Sieu.