Drive By

Prop watch from the movie "Drive."

Went to see the movie Drive on the weekend. Felt the sudden urge to dress like Ryan Gosling — or at least rocking a watch like the Driver.

According to an interview with British GQ, the Driver is sporting a Patek Phillipe watch with a brown leather band, lumed hour and minute hands and sub seconds. It was a prop, custom made for the movie, so it’s not a watch you can go out and buy (not that many of us could afford it if it were real — prices start at $15 000).

1940s Zenith Watch with Subseconds

Inspired by the movie, I was able to solve a problem I’ve been having finding the right strap for my 1940s Zenith. I added a brown leather band and voilà — I’m cool like baby goose. I just have to get a cool pair of driving gloves.