A Good Old Fashioned Hunting Trip Pt. 1 — Value Villages

Sterling labradorite earrings

Last Thursday I set out on a thrift safari, and by gum it was just like old times. Great finds at great prices! My goal was to hit a mix of of thrift and antique shops that I had visited in a while. My first stop—the Value Village at Queen and Logan—wielded the cool rock samples I posted about yesterday plus a pair of sterling silver and labradorite earrings ($3, pictured above).

Birks White Gold Engagement Ring

Next, I headed up to the Value Village at Danforth and Woodbine. It was a gold mine, I tells ya! The big “get” of the day was this 18k white gold engagement ring mount signed Birks (pictured above on my pinky). It was only $5. Judging by the styling, I’d say it’s from the 1930s or ’40s. The stone is just something I had lying around and is not properly set. I think I might try and find a tiny emerald to put in the mount. Or I might just use the gold for a project I have in mind.

Tilley Endurables Liberty Fabric Blouse

The Woodbine location also had a whole bunch of Tilley Endurables Liberty print blouses. Alas, they were all size XXXL. Normally I wouldn’t let something as petty as fit stop my from snapping up any Liberty that I find, but the blouses were priced at $10 so I only got one.

Silk Céline Paris Scarf

The big fashion get was a big square silk Céline Paris scarf ($5) with a cycling theme. The red, cream and blue colour scheme works wonderfully with my blue and white striped blazer.

I’ll tell you about the second half of my Thursday afternoon thrifting adventure tomorrow.