1988 Vintage Jewellery Ads

I’m still pouring through the 1988 issues of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar that I found a few weekends ago. In particular I’ve been the jewellery ads are a great resource for dating vintage pieces. Since I’m kinda vintage myself, I remember most of the jewels from that decade as a bit over-the-top. Like the Nina Ricci parure pictured above. But I can also see how, of if you dressed it down with more casual clothing (or less big hair), it could work.

The ’80s were truly super-sized age. I find this style of squiggly brooch at the Value Village all of the time. I’m not a fan of the pins, but I do love the oversized curb link bracelets though.

The Stephen Dweck assemblages are very post-modern, referencing previous eras and all. His style is not much different today. I do like it paired with the unstructured sweater as shown here. Note to self: Find oversized fuzzy sweater.

And while over-the-top costume jewellery doesn’t necessarily excite me, if I had the means to pile on the fancy stuff in this Birks ad, I would. If I could only have one thing from this image, I would nab me that big, burnished gold carnelian intaglio ring.