Canadiana: The Room at Simpsons

The Room at Simpsons

I am an old, so I remember the Simpsons department store. I got lost in one when I was little. They had the best Christmas windows (and I am not a fan of Christmas). And they don’t exist anymore.

In my hometown, Simpsons was not a fancy place, but if you went to the Toronto flasgship store at Yonge and Queen, it was the most glamorous store in the world! You could feel fancy lunching at the Arcadian Court restaurant. You could enjoy the view of City Hall from the sun-filled cafeteria. And you ogle the high end designer clothes at The St. Regis Room (later known as just The Room).

I never actually set foot in The Room while Simpsons existed. I was afraid they’d spot me for a fashion fraud the minute I walked in. The Queen Street store formally became the Bay in 1991. The Room still exists as a shop within a shop. I’ve been in it now (though I’ve never bought anything). This label is from an 1980s-era silk dress that I found at the Value Village.