Midweek Modness: Mexican Folk Pottery Duck

mexican pottery duck

Sorry for the late post. It’s been a super busy day — the new issue of Covet Garden launched (more on that later) and I was up early for a presentation at the Bay (more on that later as well).

Here is a delightful hand-painted Folk Pottery Duck from Mexico. It is signed Ma. Isabel. Mexico has a long and proud pottery tradition, but a post war influx of American ceramicists such as Ken Edwards or Mexican artists like Jorge Wilmot were keen to study folk arts and a growing tourist market really fed the industry. New techniques were married with old designs, and new shapes and patterns were introduced to meet market demand. This is a barro negro (black clay) duck that has been hand painted with a folkloric bird and grape design on the back. This style of painting was first introduced in the early 1900s, but flourished in the 1960s onward. My guess is that this duck is from the 1970s.