Red Jewels

Q&Q SmileSolar watch

Was in NYC last weekend visiting friends and walking around taking in the city’s delights. The first day, I went to a launch for Q&Q’s SmileSolar watch where I was gifted with the pinky red timepiece pictured above. Mr. Andrew and I are obsessed with all things solar and dynamo-powered, so this is a nifty gifty indeed. It’s a fun design too, and garnered many compliments.

Coral Red Wave Ring

I’ve been feeling the need for colour, and it seemed like Spring was in the air when I packed, so I wore my red huipl dress. I stopped by the MoMa store, where I tried on this Coral Red Wave Ring designed by Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg. It’s supposed to represent the nervous system and it is made on a 3D printer from nylon.