Red It

red and white glass bead flapper necklace

It’s been a busy writing week for work, so I feel like I’m all out of words. So here are some pictures of red things that I’ve taken on my amblings. Above: A red and white fluted glass bead flapper necklace that I got in a big lot of jewellery at the last Waddington’s auction.

sas mart toy piano

The rest of the pictures are from a visit to the SASMart in Kensington Market — the city’s finest repository of dusty New Old Stock finds. I wish I had a place for this tiny toy piano. I played “God Save the Queen” on it.

sas mart containers that look like the things that they contain

I am a little obsessed with containers that are shaped like the things that you put in them. Not obsessed enough to buy them though.

SAS Birds

I was also charmed by this kitschy metal wall hanging. I think one could place plants in the bottom part of the bird cage.