I Found An Art: Cityscape


Here’s a painting I picked up about a month ago at the Sally Ann on Parliament. It’s an oil on canvas depicting a winter streetscape with a butcher shop, possibly in France (Québecois streets don’t have that kind of signage). It’s signed E. Robinson ’76. It is not the most accomplished composition (the roofline of the butcher shop is driving me crazy — like I need to go in and fix it), but it has its charms.

In my imagination, I picture E. Robinson is a young Canadian who went to Paris to become a painter (maybe she is there still). And she sent this sketch back to her family as a postcard. Maybe this is the view from her inexpensive apartment. Maybe she would order some cheap cheval from the butcher to eat. I don’t know why I romanticize this starving artist scenario. I remember living in a closet and eating nothing but microwaved potatoes until my skin turned grey when I finished art school. I guess the romantic part is still being able to see some beauty at every corner.