Fake Bulgari B.Zero Ring

fake bulgari 1

Sometimes I get people writing in to ask if I can authenticate a watch or piece of jewellery. I always respond that I am not an appraiser and cannot offer valuations. It is also impossible to verify if something is “real” or not based only on pictures. Especially as counterfeits become more numerous and reproductions become more accomplished.

That being said, in most cases, it’s easy to tell if something is fake. Case in point: this knock off Bulgari B.Zero ring that I found for a buck at a thrift shop in Kensington. There are so many things that aren’t right: The circles between the words BVLGARI are too big. And while the stones are sparkly and individually prong set, they should be open-backed to let the light in. And it lacks any hallmarks on the inside.

I guess a word of caution about fakes and thrifting is on order. While I have found true Gucci, Hermès, Tiffany and Rolex at second hand shops, the majority of fancy brands that I discover are knock-offs. The problem is that the secondary market is now being flooded with fakes cast off by their original owners. I’ve certainly been duped in the past. And admittedly I’ve let myself be taken in in the hopes that something dodgy might turn into a little fortune. So what I’m trying to say is if you spot a B.Zero at the Sally Ann, always assume it’s guilty until proven innocent.