Silicone Hair Elastics

silicone hair elastics

Since its taken a few years to let my hair grow long enough to pull it back, I have only just realized that I am in desperate need of hair elastics.
I had been hoping to find some good hair accessories in Germany, but never had the time to check out any beauty supply stores. So I stopped the Dollarama to pick up some envelopes and new gewgaws for my do. That’s where I spotted these silicone bands and decided to give them a go. And let me tell you that they are the best elastics ever!

I have pretty fine, straight hair, and the fabric coated elastics eventually slip right off. But rubber bands tug on my tresses. These silicone numbers hold without pulling. And they come in fun neon colours and have little bows on them! I bought them on Monday so I can’t yet attest to their durability, but right now I’m in love!