Grey Skies

eileen fisher linen jacket 1

On to the garments that I picked up on last week’s thrift trips. The biggest score was this grey linen Eileen Fisher jacket. It’s a little snug so I may have to sell it. But I’m always searching for fisher and this is the first that I’ve found that even came close to fitting.

jones new york linen tunic dress

I found both the Eileen Fisher and this Jones New York black linen tunic dress at the Salvation Army on St. Clair. The dress fits like a dream.


The real fashion heroes of the week were this Wilfred sweatshirt and no name cotton kerchief (plus a pair of turquoise-coloured cotton mom slacks) that I got at the Salvation Army on Bloor. I had packed summery clothes for my week in exile and the weather took a turn for the worse. Luckily, the Sally Ann was have a 99 cent sale so I was able to stock up on some warm things. In fact, think I’ve worn that sweatshirt everyday.