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This morning I’ll be landing in Geneva for a few days of work. Since we are moving the day after I return, I’ve spent the last few days obsessed with packing: both boxing up my wardrobe for the move but also making sure that I bring appropriate garments for travelling/working/socializing in. And since there is a colour/clothing theme emerging this week, I thought I’d also share the last of my recent summer purchases.

Two of these garments were bought on the road. I picked up the chambray pants at Old Navy when I was in New York because, as always, I never pack quite enough clothing (I am forever getting caught in the rain when I visit). They have become my go-to trouser. The shirt I found at Marks Work Warehouse in Kitchener. It has a really cool, Isabel Marant style embroidery all around the yoke and could double as a jacket in a pinch. Plus I’m kind of digging the double denim look.

The vintage floral pattern shirt dress and the cotton Yakuta with kanji script print are thrift shop finds. I’ve been wearing them both with boyfriend jeans. The robe is especially good as a cover up in hot weather. And finally I found the indigo scarf at Dollarama.