Collections Week: Mexican Way

Mexican Change purse

You know I’m drawn to the many arts and crafts of Mexico. I love fine jewelry from Taxco. I love touristy leather goods. I love everything in between. And I’ve loved it for a long time. In fact, I recently redicovered this embossed leather change purse when we moved. I think my parents brought it back as a souvenir when the went in the 1980s.

mexican blanlet

This blanket was a summertime thrift shop find. It is super light and soft. I bought it to use as a throw for picnics, but as the weather turns colder, it’s become my go-to couch snuggling cover up.

mexican embroidery 2

Speaking of snuggling, this hand embroidered tapestry (another summertime thrift find) has become the cat’s favourite piece of fabric. I was trying to figure out a way to hang it on the wall. I am also running out of wall space. For now its draped on the Ottoman and the cat is draped on it.

Mexican Huipil

Speaking of embroidery, I found this Huipil at the Value Village. I know I had promised not to buy stuff this month, but I so rarely find these dresses and I am good at using that as an excuse for buying things. A different excuse I used to purchase this hand painted, pottery angel candelabra was that because it was broken, it only cost $3.

Mexican Angel