Freebie Friday: The Sidewalk Collection

sidewalk faux leather turquoise envelope purse

A bit of a cheat as this is just a collection of accessories that I have recently found on the sidewalk. If October was meant to be a no-buying things month, maybe November should be a no-bringing things in from the street month.

Anyway, I collected this cool, turquoise blue, 1980s-era clutch from a free-box up the street.

found sunglasses

These Michael Kors sunglasses were in a free box up on Dundas Street West. They make me feel like Bono when I wear them.

plateau hat

Ad I discovered this Stevie Ray Vaughn-style chapeau whilst out on a wander through the neighbourhood. There was a man who was putting out all kinds of hats, textiles and other household objects ouy on the curb. He was helping his 95-year-old mother downsize and he was simply running out of time to sell it all. I had a lengthy chat with the gentleman about the neighbourhood and things. A lot of the stuff was things his mom had inherited from her sisters. Unfortunately the hat is a little small for my melon. I’m going to investigate having it stretched.