Fix It Week: Fashion Hits and Misses

fixit sundress fix it

I started October with the best of intentions to not buy anything new and instead, repair or alter the things that I loved but needed TLC. Some things I tried to repair myself (like the button front denim skirt pictured below — it was too big when I bought it and most of the buttons had popped off because the threads were old and brittle).


I did turn to professionals for two other fixes. I love this crazy print sundress so much, but the straps were all frayed, so I had them replaced at the Tailor’s up the street. In the spirit of supporting local services in the new neighbourhood, I brought my Robert Cleregie oxfords to the local shoe repair place to get stretched.

I should have known that this was not a good place when the cobbler started to write on the sole of the shoe with a sharpie. I asked him not to and he couldn’t understand why I might not want a pair of very expensive shoes to be scribbled on. Then, when I went to pick them up, I discovered that he had overstretched them until they burst. He said he would fix that, but I am highly doubtful.