New Jewels


I made a few thrift safaris last week. I was in KW visiting the family and due to various circumstances I found myself in parts of Kitchener that I don’t normally travel to. And On Friday I made a dedicated thrift trip out to the wilds of Scarborough. Here are some cool jewels that I found on my ambles, starting with the tribal style, faux turquoise necklace pictured above.


And this delicate 80o silver Italian filigree shell cameo and glass bracelet…


Not vintage but still a gorgeous lucite reproduction of a 1940s-style celluloid necklace.

  • Turquoise, coral and clay necklaces

This trio of necklaces came from the northernmost Value Village on Victoria Park. While I bought them for repurposing purposes ( their strings are a little stretched out, the clay fringe necklace has turned out to be prettier when worn than I had expected. And versatile too! It might just be a keeper.

Hollywood glam pendant

Am also digging this 1960s Hollywood glam pendant. I also picked up some cool earrings and brooches, but I think I’ll save them for later in the week. Don’t want to overload y’all with gorgeous gems!