New Shoes

Swedish Hasbeens

I watched the Iris Apfel documentary on Netflix. In it there’s a line where she says that a certain age that anything you have two of, one of them is going to hurt.

I went to the doctor about my ingrown toe nail. It’s going to take a while to train the nail to grow out correctly. In the meantime, she told me to toss out all of my pointy-toed and narrow shoes if I want to avoid this situation again. So I sadly said good-bye to my cruel shoes. But I still needed some sensible footwear that didn’t aggregate my pained toe. That’s why clogs are my new best friend.

I found this pair of Swedish Hasbeens (pictured above) at the Roger’s Road Value Village. They are super comfortable and because the toe box is shaped, it doesn’t put pressure on my tender tootsie.

Old Navy clogs

The same goes for the faux leather mules (below) that I got on super sale ($10) at Old Navy. The only problem with the clogs is that winter is nigh and even when worn with socks, it will be too slushy for open backed shoes.

Old Navy faux leather slip on high tops

That’s where these faux leather slip on high tops come in. They aren’t as protective as the clogs, but they don’t squeeze either. Same goes for the lace up sneakers below. Both were also in the clearance section of Old Navy (and both were under $10).

Old Navy high top sneakers