Red Handed

red doover

One of the jewels I’ve always wanted was a  Solange Azagury-Partridge Hot Lips ring. In October, I learned that Azagury-Partridge had paired up with to do a limited edition run of the ring for only £69.

The ring has never been more accessible but £69 is still a good chunk of change for me, so I held off until Cyber Monday to see if there was anymore incentive. I think I got free shipping  through Amazon Prime (or maybe I just talked myself into believing that I got free shipping).

And then I waited patiently. I the interim, I picked up this beautiful red bangle at the Value Village. It reminds me of Elsa Peretti’s lacquered bracelets for Tiffany & Co.

The ring arrived earlier last Thursday. I love it so. And it looks so good with the bangle. I’ve been amusing myself by taking a million pictures of me modelling them. The only problem is that my hands are all dry and crinkly looking and hang naily. But this weekend ai think I may have found my miricle balm from a local  I may have found the right balm from Madam Phoenix, a lovely local Wiccan Vegan lady who also has an Etsy shop. I’ve only been using it for a day, but so far so good.

madame Phoenix