Digerido’s with Backyard Boys

backyard boys cd

About a year ago I noticed a guy busking around town, drumming and playing a didgeridoo at the same time. I found the combination quite captivating and meant to come back with money to buy his CD. Digeridrummer proved to be somewhat elusive as he never seemed to show up in the same location twice (and I was often too broke to have funds on hand when I did see him).

Well the stars of opportunity and financing finally aligned and I found him and his guitarist partner playing at the corner of Spadina and Queen. I grabbed a CD, downloaded it into the iTunes and settled down to discover more about them. The two-man band is composed of Yusuke, a street musician from Japan on didgeridoo, djembe and drums, and Ryoki, an Australian busker, on acoustic guitar.

At least I think that’s the deal. I couldn’t find a lot of intel on the duo. But I found a couple of clips on YouTube if you want to check out their compelling and dreamy music.