Birthday Presents



imageThis week, to celebrate my birthday, I’ve made a few excursions. For example, yesterday Mr. Andrew and I played hooky and wandered around town doing cool things such as visiting the Inuit Art Museum. It’s always a treat to spend time at this intimate institution. One of my favourite sculptures is this unicorn. I am also smitten with this photo  below. It was part of a mini exhibitof photos taken by students from a place called Old Crow. I love everything about it — the subject, the composition, the imagery and especially the title “Old Crow in Old Crow.” The student’s name is Taryn.


Speaking of Inuit Art,  I indulged in a Value Village tour in between appointments earlier this week. I  found a few cool pieces including a set of 1970s-era silk screened place settings from the Holman Collective that includes images by Agnes Nanogak, Helen Kalvak and Peter Aliknak.