Gucci Good


Like most followers of fashion, I’ve been impressed by the recent collections presented by Gucci’s new creative director Alessandro Michele. Not only are the clothes and accessories romantic and impeccably detailed they also  tap into the company’s design history and pop cultural significance in a manner that’s wholly original. I don’t think anyone has pulled this off so successfully since Karl Lagerfeld took over at Chanel.

gucci inspo

I can’t stop thinking about these beautiful clothes. When I hit the thrift shops, I find myself pulling patterns and embellished clothing and putting together Gucci-esque looks. In fact, I finally pulled the trigger and brought home this chiffon dress with an embroidered silvery inset and a lovely, 1960s era dressing gown that I fully intend to wear outside as a duster.(BTW, the pattern on the robe totally reminds me of the Hilary MacMillan dress on the cover of the latest issue of Glow.

Lucite and snakeskin bangles

I especially love the pink and green palette. And the accessories are also to die for. Historically, Gucci is famous for using materials such as clear lucite and snakeskin for their bangles and other bijoux. I have lots of lucite in my personal stash, and was inspired to bring my favourite pieces out of storage and wear them. I do have one authentic piece of vintage Gucci at the moment — this lovely silk scarf.


And finally, it’s my birthday and I want to buy myself this vintage luc1te watch. I actually want this style but with the classic red/green Gucci strip, but I can;t seem to find one for love or money. Maybe I should try summoning all of my thrift shop skills and go out for a birthday hunt. And maybe the watch will magically reveal itself.