Courrèges My Love


It’s 5:30am and I’m on the midnight Megabus to Manhattan. I pulled an all-nighter on Sunday night and I haven’t been able to sleep much on this trip. So I’m posting an “artistic” image of the Andrés Courréges bead necklace. It was part of an auction lot that I got last year but only just got repaired this past weekend (the silver chain was busted so I got it soldered back together at a booth at the Old Weston Flea, my new favourite place in the world.

Couréges was, of course, the modest of 1960s fashion designers. I don.t think this bead-based design is particularly representative of his work, but I like the banal ce between the pendant and the length of the chain. Which is why I bothered to have it fixed rather than just scrapping it. Hitch is why I’m wearing it now.