Stuff Galore

image.jpegA few more objects found on my recent thrift-ventures (followed by a brief analysis of how impractical a purchase it was). I’ll begin with the crazy Red or Dead purse pictured above. It might be the most impractical because at $7 it wasn’t that thrifty, it takes up a lot of space and it’s got some condition issues so I can’t sell it. But I am using it to store other impractical buys so…..

imageI found this Dutch Wax Print blouse for $5 at the Salvation Army. I love Dutch Wax Print and I love the David Bowie shoulders. But I wasn’t sure I’d be bold enough to wear a shirt with David Bowie shoulders. Then a fellow shopper from Nigeria talked me into buying it. Plus it goes with the orange purse. So a semi impractical purchase.

image.jpegA couple of weeks ago there was a cover story on the musician Benjamin Clementine in the New York Times T Style Magazine. In the photos, he was wearing a series of sweater vests. I decided I needed one and spent hours perusing racks until I found a similar model. One day I found one that I decided was close enough and brought it home. The next day I found this Laura Ashley one (for $5) that was one hundred percent perfect. The impractical part is that now I have an extra sweater vest and I probably spent more time than necessary hunting through thrift shops to call it a bargain.