Yard Sale Season

imageIn my mind, May is the beginning of Yard Sale Season. Even though the sidewalks of our neighbourhood runners over with free stuff, I am still willing to hand over some cash in return for a bit of a back story.

imageSo I struck out on Saturday in search of treasure. My first score: A Philly baseball shirt/jackety thing. The seller also threw in a free book — a memoir by a jewel thief — because she felt it was poorly written. The seller was breaking up her mother’s estate because she had gone into a home. I didn’t ask why her mother would have such a hip hop garment.


Most of the yard sales I visited were filled with weird collectibles that the sellers overvalued because they spent too much time amassing them. But I did find this amazing Jonathan Adler art object for $10 amongst a table of vintage hats. I didn’t ask about the back story here because everything else was so expensive that I was afraid the seller would jack up the price.