Recent Obsessions Part 1

image.jpegIntellectually, I know I should be happy with fewer things. For example, one only needs one really good watch… Or one example of a day, sport or fancy watch each. Plus maybe a GMT if you travel a lot. But still, 32 watches is maybe too many.

The problem is that once I find something that delights me, I just want more. Like sweatshirts. It started with a bit of nostalgia. When I was in  school I really wanted a Roots or Club Monaco sweatshirt. Even Beaver Canoe would do. Not only did we not have a Roots or Club Monaco in my town, I could only afford a Wind River Mark’s Work Wearhouse version. For years I would make it a point to peruse the sweatshirt section of thrift shops looking for pullover that would fill this sad psychological hole.

I think it was in February that I finally found a Club Monaco sweatshirt at the VV. Then, in March, the Salvation Army started getting a whole bunch of New Old Stock Roots gear and I got a classic logo hoodie with kangaroo pockets. It should have stopped there. It didn’t.

imageI feel like the classic cut of sweatshirts suits my current shape. And the Roots hoodie is the perfect travelling costume: it is cozy, I can carry my travel documents in the pocket and the hood is good for shutting out the outside world on a plane or bus.

On the other hand it’s summer and maybe too warm to wear a sweatshirt on most days. Plus, two sweatshirts — one with a hood, one without — should suffice.