Recent Obsessions: Sensible Shoes

danskoSometimes I think shoes are the most important part of a well-balanced wardrobe. You could pull off wearing pajamas in public if you pair them with the right heels. As the same time, ill-fitting footwear can literally cripple you. And now that I am scarred for life from falling off my flatforms in Iceland, I’ve become obsessed with sensible shoes. Like these Dansko’s pictured above (which aren’t that sensible because they are a size too big).

bass weejuns

And what could be more sensible than a pair of preppie penny loafer mules (which also feed my Gucci-style obsession). So on top of the Blundstones and the Stan Smiths that I got last week, I also picked up these Bass Weejuns at the Value Village for $12. And since Canada has abolished the penny, I’ll have to pick up some copper next time I’m in the US.

bass topsiders

Also Bass, also thrifted are these great topsiders. While I don’t think I ever qualified as a prep back in the eighties, my favourite footwear were a pair of second-hand mustard yellow topsiders and a pair of (non-mule) penny loafers. So I’m also having a Proustian moment as well.

swedish has beens

Which brings us back to clogs (such as these Swedish Has Beens). I am still trying to recapture the spark of the red clogs I had in Grade 1. But I have lost the ability to go sans hosiery without getting blisters. I will wear socks with sandals. And I will own it.