Wishlist Fulfillment

blog wish movadoI already have everything I need, but what happens if I have everything I want?

Last week I acquired two items that have been on my grail list for decades: A Moschino belt and a Movado watch.

blog Moschino

And I also picked up all the missing items on my Fall/Winter 2016  wish list: A lacy skirt, a long minimalist jacket, a fun fur animal print coat and a real fur vest.

So other than a few specific timepieces, through sales and thrifting and trades I have come to own examples of almost every brand, style or object that has caught my fancy. And then some (as you’ll see in the next couple of posts).

This brought up this question: If one knows one is all set, should one stop shopping for oneself? I’ll still be hunting for stock for my Etsy shops but no more impulse buys for myself. I know that clothes go out of fashion or wear out. But I’m thinking of starting a No Clothes After Labour Day challenge. I’m still working our the parameters, but I like a good challenge.