Style Stalker

blog stalker 1Sometimes I surreptitiously take pictures of strangers that I think have a good look going on. You know, so that later I can reference these images and then appropriate them for my own ensembles.

These are some of those photos. This lady had the most excellent pants with skirt-like panels. I have a crocheted white pullover and a both a skirt and pants with the same silhouette. I can do this.

style stalker 2Tomorrow, I am gojng to go and seek out an oversized, Kraft Dinner orange sweatshirt and chop the sleeves off. Maybe. I do have too many sweatshirts already.

style stalker 3Not the pants or the visible bra straps, but the tree tattoo. If I ever get inked for real, I think I would like some sort of spruce.