Hey Boo Boo


Last week when I was in Kitchener, I caved in to my inner goth and stocked up on Halloween paraphenalia at the Dollarama. I must say it was a banner year for the gory. I’m most excited about this silicone choker and bracelet.

img_4186I can see wearing the bracelet year round.


As a stationery nerd, I’m also over the moon about this bloody syringe pen. I remember these things having a brief vogue in my high school, roughly around the time when wearing scrubs was popular.

img_4332On  the subject of stationery, I also made a necklace out of spooky erasers.

And finally, sunglass disguises. The Power Puff Girls specs are from my niece’s McDonald’s Happy Meal, not Dollarama. I ddn’t buy the skull specs as they were child sized, but they have a certain Alexander McQueen vibe that makes me want to go back.