More Boo Boos

blog opera length skeleton glovesSome more scary stuff. Every Dollarama seems to have one thing that the others don’t. And I am helpless to resist them. Especially when they are things I can use everyday, year-round like opera-length skeleton gloves. So elegant. So sophisticated.

I also stocked up on staples such as hair clips and sunglasses (yes, I went back for the skull sunnies).

Although Mardi Gras beads are the bane of landfills everywhere, I think the fact that these skulls and bones are coppery elevates them above kitsch. And again, an oversized, rhinestone encrusted skull is timeless. Just ask Damien Hirst.

And finally, a skeletal pencil case is practical. I am using it to organize my receipts and contemplate death. And when the creditors do come after me (these are from Dollarama, but it all adds up), I shall hide under this sheer, spidery hooded cape and pretend it’s an invisibility cloak.