Art Update

Cold Mist Howling Can’t Make Me Sleep Mary Okheena, Inuit, Holman

Even though I’m trying not to bring things into the house, It’s hard not to buy something when it speaks to you in such a personal way. For example, I found this print by the Canadian artist Mary Okheena at a weird studio sale. It’s called “Cold Mist Howling Can’t Make Me Sleep.”

gregg Allan Mcgivern painting

This painting is by Gregg Allen McGivern, a Toronto-based outsider artist. I met him selling his works on the corner of Queen and Dufferin. I was  drawn to the composition and subject matter — Toronto in a heatwave!

shrigley shower curtain 2

I was in New York last week and was super excited to see that David Shrigley had done a collaboration with Flying Tiger. Mr. Andrew and I collect a lot of artist multiples and I bought him a Shrigley flying disc for his birthday last year. I picked up four things from this collection, including this shower curtain. I first thought of using it as wall art, but then we thought, why can’t it be art and a shower curtain?

Gary Baseman Drake 150

And finally I finally got out to see the Gary Baseman “My Eyes Are Bigger Than My Stomach” exhibition at the Drake 150. The staff were very sad to see the show go. I am sad that I didn’t go visit sooner.