Estate Sale Haul

blog-estateI don’t often get the chance to go to estate sales. I love them because you get to find good deals and poke around in a stranger’s house. But I’m also not in the loop about when and where these sales are, or they are far away or the timing is bad.

Last weekend I saw a poster for an estate sale in my neighbourhood. It was a two day sale and I’d already missed one day, so I assumed that it had been pretty picked over. I still got some pretty cool things for the combined price of $22. The A-1 find was this  Oiva Toikka for Iittala Kastehelmi (Dew Drop) bowl. I had totally missed it when I was digging through boxes. I spotted it on the kitchen table as I was getting ready to leave.

estate haul 1I was mostly on the lookout for jewels for the Gracious Good Etsy Shop. I went upstairs first and found a few trinkets. Then I went downstairs, saw a  shoebox full of watches and things and started to make a beeline for it. Another woman picked it up before I could reach it. Grrrrr!

Still the Haskell-esque necklace was a find and the hoop earring is 14K gold (could only find the one, though. I can be a pirate.

Another fun thing about estate sales is that you can get a little bit of background about the history of the objects. In this case, the house had been in the family for two generations. It had belonged to aunt of the husband of the woman who was walking us through. The aunt had moved to a retirement community so the family was downsizing what was basically a whole life. Judging by things like the Peruvian wall hanging and the olive wood praying hands  (these were popular as souvenirs of Israel in the 1970s), it looks like she travelled a bit. And I like to think that the owl and purse were presents from doting nieces and nephews.