Sidewalk Haul

blog-foundI believe in kismet. That when you need something the universe will provide. I also believe in reason. If you need something you are obviously more focussed on finding that thing. For example, when I was last in New York, the weather was weird and I was overdressed in my wool jacket. And my back up sweatshirt was likewise too damn hot. “Wouldn’t it be grand,” I thought, “if I had a lightweight cotton sweater to wear on the Megabus?”

And lo and behold, I spotted this blue Brooks Brother pullover hanging from a fence.  I felt a little guilty for taking it, but I felt compelled because I just had wished for such a garment. But there’s no turning back now. If this is your sweater, let me know and I will send it back, cleaned and everything.

img_5529The weather here is also unpredictable. Two weekends ago I got caught out in the rain without an umbrella. I bought a cheaply made but over-priced fold up umbrella at a magazine shop and it immediately stopped raining. I was all, like, GRRRRRR!

But then I found this vintage duck-handled brolley ditched on a bike pole. It’s a posh Fulton umbrella, made under a Royal Warrant. Normally these cost at least three times what I paid for the convenience store umbrella, so if I pretend that I bought the Fulton, I got a good deal plus I got a free cheap umbrella.