Upper East Side Haul

ny blog shrigley plinth

I was in New York for a few hours on Thursday. I was there for a press announcement at the Patek Phillipe offices which is nearish the Upper East Side Flying Tiger. I was hoping against all hope that I might find a limited edition copy of David Shrigley’s “Really Good” Trafalgar Square Fourth Plinth sculpture. On one hand, why not? On the other hand, there are only 3 000 of them, they were spread out between stores across the world and they were released on September 29th.

But why not won out. I asked if they had any. The cashier said no. Then the other cashier said there was a box in the basement that had just come in and they hadn’t been put out yet. I was a very happy girl.

He also said that on the first day that the Shrigley arrived, they sold out almost immediately. People came in and bought multiples of everything in the collection. But the store was replenishing stock on a regular basis. So I also got a Shrigley “Strong Messages” iPad case and a pair of electric blue, flocked reading glasses (because I am getting old). Not pictured: Another Shrigley shower curtain (in case anything happens to the one I got last month); a tote bag; another pair of Beauty Is In The Eye of the Beholder sunglasses (in case I lose the pair I got to replace the pair I lost); and  mini paper shredder for my mom.

And because I am also getting less graceful, I sprayed myself with Diet Coke and did not have a change of shirt. So I went to the Uniqlo near the MoMA and bought this SPRZ NY Keith Haring t-shirt ($15 USD) to change into. I also picked up a pair of on sale Lemaire X Uniqlo canvas shoes ($6 USD) and a KAWS collaboration canvas tote (also $6 USD) to carry everything home in.

(Speaking of Uniqlo, I gave the new Toronto store a quick tour earlier last week, but it was so  crowded that I had to split.)