Vision On

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Here’s a funny story. Last year I ordered two pairs of glasses online. I always felt a bit wobbly with the new specs, but I thought it was getting used to wearing progressives. Then, because I have hypochondriac tendencies, I thought I had several rare conditions. And then I thought it was macular degeneration. A conversation with a friend who had a similar experience, however, gave me a fourth option: That I had somehow screwed up when ordering the glasses online. By that time, it was too late to try and return them. And because I am a cheap hypochondriac, I sort of suffered through until it was time for another optometrist appointment.

vlog warby parker 2

My optometrist confirmed the bad prescription (“That’s on you,” she told me). The good news is that it gave me an excuse to go to Warby Parker to get a new set of frames (the online ones also got all stretched out when I had my Iceland incident, keep sliding down my face and could not be reshaped).

vlog warby parker 3

Pictured at the top are my new frames (I’m still waiting for the lenses to be installed. The second photo is of the shop itself, where I had an optician properly fit the new frames. And I also got a free Michah Lexier & VSVS VS book (appropriately titled “Free For the Taking).

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And in glasses related news, I also got these cool sunglasses in a surprise bag from Ardenne.