The Future Of Fashion

blog street inspo 1I’m still stealing snaps of stylish women on the street for inspiration. Since it’s been unseasonably cool outside, I’m thinking of organizing my autumn look along these lines. I already have all of the elements of the above ensemble except for the beret. So now I am on the hunt for a new statement chapeau.

blog street inspo 2It’s hard to tell from this snap, but the two middle-aged women in the middle were rocking a great layered look. It’s all about proportion and not drowning in an oversized coat.

IMG_1745After I spotted this woman at the Value Village, I spent the rest of my visit looking for a quilted jacket like this. Her style was deconstructed WASP with her hair simply pulled back in a colourful barrette and an elegant Celine scarf tied around her throat. I made sure I told her how great she looked!