Recent Rings

Blog Larin Modernist RingI’ve picked up a bunch of rings for the Gracious Good Etsy Shop, but I haven’t listed them yet because they are so fun to wear! I’ll be putting them in the store soon (once the weather is nice enough to take pictures in natural lighting, that is), but I’ll tease you with some images of me modeling them on my gnarled hands.

An aside: I like gnarled hands. To me they tell a story about the person who gnarled them.

Pictured above is a Guy Vidal/Robert Larin-esque Brutalist ring and a mid century modern textured band set with an amazing, emerald-coloured Murano glass stone. Below is a Victorian, repoussé brass ring set with turquoise-coloured glass stones. As you can see, it’ll turn your finger green, although it has also been suggested that a coat of clear nailpolish painted on the inside of the band will prevent that.

Blog Victorian Ring