The Glory Of Garage Sales

blog garage sale 1The last two weekends have been amazing for Garage Sale finds. Here’s a sampling of some of my greatest gets.

From the Cowanation Street Sale in Parkdale (pictured above): a Sparkle & Fade moto jacket that I bought for $2 from a guy that was selling his daughter’s clothes (“She graduated from University and moved out of town and didn’t take her clothes with her because she had too much. I’ve made most of my money today from her clothes.”); A very vintage silk scarf; A Bond Boyd sterling bow pin and an old silk corsage (I already lost the corsage).

blog garage sale bag and linen table clothCloser to home, from the Indian Grove Road street sale (pictured above): the softest linen table cloth (I want to turn it into a top); and a well-loved (which means plenty of character) leather book bag. I had to give it a little clean and conditioning. I’m doing a writing workshop right now and this stachel is perfect for carrying around papers, pens and whatnot.

blog garage sale cuffsThe best sale of all was in some guy’s backyard which backed on to Trinity Bellwoods park. He must have been a dealer or a collector (or maybe just a hoarder), but he had so much stuff. I got these huge Balinese and Rajasthani sterling cuff bracelets (pictured above), a big smoky quartz pointer (not pictured) and a Blue Jays visor (pictured below), which is now my favourite hat in the world. I think I paid, like, $5 for everything.

The guy said he was going to bring more stuff out and have another yard sale the next day if the weather was good. It was glorious. I went back. There was no sale. I was sad. Musn’t be greedy, though.

blog garage sale cuffs 2