Mickey Mouse Job

IMG_0013We have discussed the many nostalgic memories I have for certain objects. They tend to fall into two categories: Things I wish I had when I was a kid (Adidas bags, Tiffany Taylor dolls, Roots, Beaver Canoe and Club Monaco sweatshirts and Tissot Rock and Gucci watches) and things I had as a kid that I wish I still had (Penny loafers, Converse hightops and red footwear). I had pretty much reacquired most of my youthful fancies but two things still eluded me …. a pair of green jeans and a yellow Mickey Mouse sweatshirt.

When I was in High School I was a band/drama club type of kid. Both the music and theatre departments had closets where they kept old uniforms/costumes. Because none of these old clothes were being used I thought I would liberate a few pieces: A brown 1970s-era  band cardigan, a red 1950s brocade suit and a yellow 1960s Mickey Mouse sweatshirt. The Mickey was my favourite and I literally wore it to pieces.

For decades I searched and never found its equal. Then, about two months ago, I found the sweatshirt sans Mickey in the greatest place on earth — the $5 tickle trunk at Mama Loves You Vintage on Queen West.

Now there’s a reason it was $5 — it had a messy stain. But what better to cover it up with than some sort of Mickey Mouse! At first I searched for an iron on transfer, but those proved to be stupidly expensive. Instead I decided to do a DIY Disney and embroider the rodent myself. The following photos illustrate the process.

blog mickey 2

First I forgot to take a before photo of the sweatshirt. Then I printed out my preferred design and tacked it on, carefully concealing the stain (hint: it’s under Mickey’s foot).

Using embroidery floss from the Dollarama and using a chain stitch, I outlined the design in black and then continued to fill’er in. An aside, my next art show will be called Dollaramarama because that’s where all my supplies come from.

IMG_0014And voilà! The finished project. I’m pretty pleased with it because it has just the right amount of roughness to it. I want it to look like it was touched by human hands!

Green jeans, you are next!