I have, on my computer’s desktop, more pictures of things I wanted to write about but for some reason never did. So I’m gonna post some pictures with some half-formed ramblings to get things out of the way.

Pictured above is a bad picture of a great, transitional coat that I got ages ago. It is the finest coat I’ve ever owned. It is an Ivory wool number made by a Winnipeg-based company called Jacob Crowley. I have never had so many compliments as when I am wearing it. Unfortunately I also never got a good picture of it, which is why I never posted about it.

I was also going to write about minimalist rings. Instead I will post in the most minimalist way I can — with pictures only.

blog fakesAnd one day I’ll write about all the fakes I come across on my hunts….

…and each of these finds deserves a post of its own. The parrot pillow and pink pearls I found at a bible mission thrift shop in Kitchener. I am trying to figure out if the brutalist piece is supposed to be a bulls head or it’s missing some dangly bit. The blue chalcedony pendant perfectly matches a bracelet I found five years ago (and I bought it from the same seller at the St. Lawrence Market). The sterling repoussé perfume bottle is missing its cap, but I thought maybe I could wear it like a little bud vase (but haven’t tried it out yet).

And this post was going to be about how I sent away for replacement straps for some Swatch watches, but they sent the wrong ones and I’ve been too passive to bother sending them back for replacement.