Making Art

blog Banner Year 1I am very happy that I’ve had some time this summer to work on some artistic projects. Especially the book of poetry that I had hoped to publish last fall. I got distracted. So I made two, handmade versions for my friends Elizabeth and Mollie’s shared birthday. It’s collage and a little rough around the edges but it’s out there in the world in some form. Which will make it easier to make a more finished version.

blog banner year 2Mr. Andrew and I also spent the long weekend at Craig and Elizabeth’s retreat. It’s on an island making it a good place to make art using found materials. Good friends and isolation from the outside world is great for cereativity. Here are some arts that I made.

blog arts polychromatic stone faceI saw a rock that looked like it needed a face. The chalky parts were made by scraping it with another rock. The green colour was provided by leaves. The red from wild berries. I fixed the pigments with wax from spent teal lights. I call it “Pretty Lady” after a Kids in the Hall  sketch, in which middle aged housewife Fran says she’ll go mad and rub berries on her cheeks to look pretty.

blog arts 1I also made this mobile out of shell casings that I found. It fell apart pretty quickly… the twig that I used to hang them from was too fragile. I called it “Your Name Here.”

blog art stone faceAnd finally, I made a little pocket face with some granite, scratchings and wax.