blog ChaudrponI am by nature an impetuous buyer. I go get a rush when hunting through the thrift shops and spotting a bright shiny object, even if I don’t need it. I can rationalize these impulse buys by saying “Oh, it’s only five bucks.”

I recognize that enough five bucks can quickly add up. I keep telling myself that  I also keep a wishlist of things that require deeper digging to acquire. One of the things on my wishlist was this adorable Bernard Chaudron enamel animal pendant. I first saw it at my friend Eric from Rados Griffin Collection‘s table at the Vintage Clothing Show and Sale many moons ago. In fact this picture is from that show. I have been pining for it ever since. Luckily, I was able to trade some things I had for it last week and now it is mine, mine, mine all mine!