Steal This Look

blog thatsnotmyage 2

Just a collection of Instagram images that screengrabbed for inspiration. One pf my favourite accounts is @thatsnotmyage, the (aka fashion journalist Alyson Walsh). I totally bought a boiler suit so I could approximate the above look. And I want to make the earrings pictured in the image below.

blog thatsnotmyage insta

Another favourite account to follow is @timberlost, the account of Toronto floral designer Lauren Alexandra Wilson. She also shoots a lot of creatives so not only do her posts include pictures of pretty flowers, her feed is also full of fab fashions (see below).

blog timberlost insta

@everydayafrica is another cool account, with a focus on positive images of Africans from all across the continent. Which also means lots of inspirational looks.

blog everydayafrica

And finally, I like layering and I like boyish styles. I may not be able to afford head-to-toe @louisvuitton, but I can probably cobble together this garçonne look bits and pieces from my (and Mr. Andrew’s) wardrobe.

blog Louis vuitton insta