0A9233E3-9DED-4435-BDE1-50BAF820B442I I follow a bunch of artists on Instagram. One of them is Romas Astraukas. One day he posted this picture of a painting of a snake. I liked the heck out of it and left a comment. Astrauskas messaged me back and said it was available and I messaged him back and said I was interested and now it is in our house!

290B910B-A15C-47EE-B72E-2EED22A57277Of course the new addition needed a new frame, which reminded me that I’ve got a whole bunch of images that need framing, including this Trinity College 1939 Class Photo that I got in a BUNZ trade. I bought some adhesive wall hanging gadgets to put this picture up (I was tired of hammering holes into the plaster). It is working well.