Year in Review: Investment Pieces


A few, fancier piece that I found in 2016 (clockwise from top left):

1. A 9k hinged bangle bracelet (from the Value Village in Kitchener)

2. Art Deco sterling silver graduated crystal necklace ( from eBay).

3. to 5. Jade and opal rings from Mrs. Huizinga. Victorian band part of a lot from Waddingtons.

6. To  8. Gold band from Mrs. Huizenga. Gold and silver “Corinna”band from the Value village in Kitchener. Onyx, monogrammed  ring from the St. Cecilia’s church rummage sale.

9. Constellation earrings from Walmart — a birthday present from my sister.

10. 14k drop earrings from the VV.