Trade Fair

0A899B70-0AEC-47CF-9010-DB702999B53CI am trying to go from “buy nothing new” to “buy nothing.” Mostly by Bunz trading, ie. swapping things I no longer need for things that I require and desire now. Here is a brief photo gallery of recent gets. Pictured above, a snakeskin clutch, which I swapped and old wind up alarm clock for.

3C0C546C-FC40-42F9-96F4-FA7BEEAFAD14This Orlando Pirates Adidas warm up jacket brings back memories of grade 8. I traded my old, vinyl Adidas bag and an Ant Man mini billboard for this jacket and a two-week supply of Diet Pepsi.

E202F0ED-EC57-4744-BD2B-EA1C8457B3F5Since I’m not much of a drinker, I decided to stock up my liquor cabinet by bartering a leather Roots Weekender and a bunch of USB keys and unused notebooks for rum and Prosecco. (An aside, there was a long list of Bunzers who wanted that bag, but one person actually offered to swap for a similar satchel, only much, much  more beaten up.)

53D597DD-1E09-43D3-A4D0-6A5E366688E4And finally, I traded a Bookhou tote (which I cherished but never used) for truffle oil (which I look forward to using immediately). I’m happy that the bag will get to see the light of day. It’s always fun meeting new people. And I’m reducing the amount of stuff in our space.