A5996FC5-81A6-4134-B5D7-ED5C012D8F76Happy Valentines Day! I am sending kisses to you all in the form of lip-shaped jewelry and accessories. Above are a pair of thrifted sunglasses and a pendant I bought in Miami many moons ago.

082E827C-8927-4835-867C-F10B3D9B361AAnd two of my most precious rings: a vintage Robert Indiana for Ultima II Love ring and my Solange  Azagury-Partridge lips ring.

E0606CE9-9F73-4FBF-9462-F14806F8DEA8Here’s a clamper bracket that I picked up at Public Butter in Parkdale a couple of years ago. Please disregard my dry, wintery hide.

E56B4F63-3764-40BC-A951-074789530B29A selection from my collection of baiser  brooches. The one on the bottom dates back to when I worked on a magazine for Avon.